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Homeopathy Review: Do we smile with the mind or the heart?
It is a fair question, not a philosophical one but a physiological or medical curiosity we wish to answer in relation to how healing is achieved.

Perhaps, you may not have encountered the question before. Or you may not think of it as important or worth considering. For why should we bother how we smile or whether it comes from the heart, the head or the kidneys, for that matter.  Maybe the whole body “smiles” and feels the happiness all over. It just so happens that the lips manifest that happiness just as the tears from our eyes manifests our sorrow.   

Yes, we can go on and on with this discussion and even conduct experiments like they do in the academe, research labs or on YouTube without finding out for sure how we smile. For instance, an experiment “showed” that even the very act of forming our lips into a smile can bring about the feelings of happiness that the smile what meant to bring. Or in another case, going through the action of laughing even without really feeling the laughter results in massaging the heart or the torso, bringing about the release of tension or heaviness of heart. If this is true, we could safely say that thinking positive or thinking that we are well can bring about healing or sets our body into a position where we start the healing process.     

Call it mind over body or simply self-hypnosis, it works for some people and maybe more than we can imagine. For if the body does have an immune system, then that system must respond not just to external stimuli or inputs, such as food or medicine, but also from internal signals which the body itself sends in order to repair itself or prevent damage. Dr. Andrew Weil, in his book Spontaneous Healing, documented actual cases where people experienced miraculous (or what he calls “spontaneous”) healing. Such cases occurred without as much as administering medicine or any kind of medical help other than through meditation or prayer or some inexplicable means.   

As a matter of fact, homeopathy has proven that the immune system works essentially to restore the body’s optimum functions. Hence, practitioners believe that the body is healed not by medicine but by the body’s immune system which reacts to the homeopathic (or even allopathic) measures taken to correct any deficiency or damage inside the body. Said simply, no food or medicine works without the immune system processing them for the body’s proper functioning.   

So, going back to our question, or paraphrasing it: Is a smile part of our immune system, helping us to recover from tension, emotional stress and sickness? Or simply to give us a moment to experience joy to a height which we could not fake with any gadget or potion but through a naturally-given process that everybody (and we mean everybody) can experience anytime and anywhere? Perhaps, a smile is indeed a external sign that the person is well, is getting well, is feeling well or is doing well – whether he or she is sick or not.   

But to answer our question, many have never considered the possibility of the heart smiling with and through the head (using the lips which the head contains). Do we feel with the heart only or also with the mind? Do we know only with the mind or also with the heart? The body becomes well and balanced when not only the mind, heart and all other organs work at their optimum level, but the whole body functions as one as it was meant to do. Obviously, the mind knows that the body is well becomes the body tells the mind so. And it follows; the heart knows what the body knows.   

This does not mean we cannot be happy even when we are sick or lose the function of some of our body parts. The blind and the deaf can smile even without seeing beauty or hearing music. It only means that both the heart and mind must always work as one to provide us with the right way of living a healthy and well-balanced life.   

The Peterson Group of Jakarta and Malaysia endorses homeopathy as a beneficial medical means for those who want to experience relief from their physical and emotional troubles through a more effective and non-invasive alternative medical method.  

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