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Alcoholism Treatment
Alcohol is not dangerous to our health as long as we put a firm hold on the frequency and amount of intake. Many people only tend to get addicted because of several factors which include stress, depression and anxiety. The warning sign in bottles and cases is a good indication that too much intake is indeed dangerous to our health.

Alcoholism is chronic and in severe situations, can be fatal. The total dependency to alcohol can cause a person to show some distressed signs if not under the influence. Rehabilitation is a common treatment alcoholism wherein the addict would undergo a program for sobriety and his every move is monitored. Victims are also given counseling and peer group discussion. A unique occupation hired to accompany victims recovering from alcoholism is called a sober companion who may be psychologist not in practice or former alcoholics.

Turning a new life from alcoholism is a long and winding path and would require a lot of self-restraint, discipline and perseverance. Motivation also plays an important role. Alcoholics need a reason to better themselves. It does not matter what or who that would be but the main goal is for a victim to abstain from any alcohol. A good social support and maintenance of good health has been proven to treat alcoholics.

However, according to The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization expert in alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, intangible treatments alone may not be enough for full recovery. Many conventional medicines are also found to help total abstinence from alcohol. 

The following are some of the top treatments that are trusted to be effective through series of tests: 

1. Nux Vomica 
According to many reviews, Nux Vomica is the leading treatment for alcoholism. Its main function is to respond to the tremor experienced from abstinence. It can also help in reducing headache and nervous affection. It counteracts chronic chemical dependency 

2. Sulphur 
Sulphur is a chemical element found in many minerals. When diluted, it can cure liver caused by alcohol. It is a key essential for biochemical processes and is a basic component for life. It is currently the leading alcoholism and drug treatment in many developing cities like Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia

3. Cannabis Indica 
Yes, you read it right. Cannabis Indica is another name for Marijuana and it is known to cure alcoholism (this is with proper prescription, of course). It has long been known that the most fatal elements are also powerful medical tool. Cannabis is a very reliable remedy for acute alcoholism as it detoxify the body from the chemicals and also cures headaches and psychological disorder.   


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